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Under the designation”Heredad de Urueña”, a comprehensive project was launched in 2005 with the aim of restoring and recovering a Castilian farmstead following the guidance provided by architect and urban planner Iñigo Escribano. The estate’s origins date back to the late seventeenth century: the property, which comprised a farmhouse, a stable, a dovecote, a winepress and a half-buried, brick-vaulted, stone-pillared wine cellar, was the centrepiece of a large vineyard on the slopes of the historical town of Urueña, today’s cultural nodal point in the region. The estate occupied part of a site known as “Pago de las Viñas”, which features in the land registry of the Marquiss of Ensenada.



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HEREDAD DE URUEÑA is located in the center of the center of Castilla, at the foot of the town of Urueña, located in Tierra de Campos, one of the most characteristic of the Community of Castilla y León, both for its history and its geography



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