Our Wineries

Our Wineries

The Heredad de Urueña group is made up of two wineries, owned by the Rodríguez León family.

Two companies with the same purpose: to produce wines of the highest quality, based on an exquisite respect for the land.

Pago Heredad De Urueña, S.L.

Pago Heredad de Urueña, SL, with its own winery and vineyards in Urueña (Valladolid), is a project to recover a medieval settlement that was abandoned because of the phylloxera and which we have put in value again, since 2005. Initially our wines have been protected by the IGP of “Wines of the Land of Castilla y León”, but thanks to the genuine character of our terroir and the quality of our project, the Junta de Castilla y León approved in 2018 to grant us the Denomination of Origin “Vino de pago “. “Pago Heredad de Urueña” and “Abadía Retuerta” are the only two wineries in

Castilla y León, which until now have achieved this status. El Pago, which covers an area of ​​30 hectares, is located at the foot of the medieval town of Urueña, one of the “most beautiful towns in Spain”, 68 kilometers from Valladolid and 220 from Madrid. We are proud to have modern facilities, in a unique, elegant and representative building. They are equipped with high technology, which, together with exceptional vineyards, allows us to put high quality and recognized quality wines on national and international markets.

Moisés Gran Vino S.L.

Moisés Gran Vino, SL, with winery and vineyards in Morales de Toro, the most genuine and characteristic enclave of the D.O. Toro, where high quality wines are produced and where some of the most important wineries in the area are located.

In 2008 “Heredad de Urueña” began the production of “MOISÉS”, an elegant, well-balanced wine belonging to the DO Toro whose grapes have been selected in old vineyards and grown according to painstaking traditional methods. Wine making and wine ageing take place at the winery in Toro, which is co-owned by Michel Rolland and François Lurton, under the careful supervision of a collaborative team including, among others, Tomás Vega and oenologists Jesús Jiménez (technical director), Víctor Vidal and Juan José Parra.

Ten hectares that give us grapes with the same common trace, the prestigious variety of “Tinta de Toro”, but with different nuances. The production is very careful, in our winery, located very close to the vineyards and that despite its artisanal character, like the Urueña, has the famous “Parsec” technology.

The technical director of “Heredad de Urueña” is the oenologist Jesús Herránz, who supervises operations with the help of agronomist Marcelo Casazza, the man responsible for plantation design in the Urueña vineyards as well as our viticulture advisor.

From the vineyard to the bottle

“Heredad de Urueña” is a project with careful development from the vineyard to the bottle. We are convinced that good wine is not made in the winery, but mainly in the vineyard. For this reason and faithful to the concept of “terroir or terroir”, we combine traditional viticulture with new techniques. On the one hand, the Heredad vineyards in Morales de Toro (Zamora), in which Moisés Gamazo continues to do the work with great care, as he learned from his father and grandfather, with very large planting frameworks, low yields and high quality . On the other hand, in our vineyards of Urueña (Valladolid) the characteristics of modern wines are achieved, thanks to a careful selection of native and French clones and varieties adapted to our soils, with narrow planting frameworks and reduced production, as well as for the application of the latest pruning techniques, the intelligent rationing of humidity and the permanent control of plant health. The selection of the varieties and clones used in the plantations is carried out with the collaboration of the Agrarian Technological Institute of the Junta de Castilla y León.

The technical director of “Heredad de Urueña” is the winemaker Jesús Herránz, who has had the collaboration of the engineer

agronomist Marcelo Casazza, who designed the Urueña plantations and advises on the viticulture of our vineyards.

The “Heredad de Urueña” group produces two award-winning wines from the DO Toro, “MOISÉS Gran Vino”, elegant and harmonious wine, with grapes selected from our pre-phylloxera vineyards in Morales de Toro, and “TORALTO”, balanced and tasty. Michel Rolland and François Lurton participate in the development of these wines in a very remarkable way.

The production of the red and rosé wines of “Heredad de Urueña” with the reference “Wines of the Land of Castilla y León” is carried out in the modern facilities of Urueña, with grapes from our vineyards in Urueña and Morales de Toro.

Our wineries carry the Urueña name all over the world, where our wines are already marketed, driven by the countless international awards they obtain, for example, the Great Gold Medal of the Brussels World Wine Competition 2017, awarded to Santo Syrah 2014.


Starts restoration of the Alquería from century XVII


First plantations in Urueña. First harvest and production in Toro


Plantations continue


First harvest in Urueña


Construction of the new winery in Urueña begins.


Inauguration of the new building in Urueña


The plantations continue in Urueña


Acquisition of old vineyards in Valdeguariza, Morales de Toro.


New winery in Morales de Toro

The Shield of the Winery

Explanation of symbols

The shield of the Heredad de Urueña is related to the heraldry and the historical origins of the Villa de Urueña, and its enclave between Castilla and the Reino de León, to which it belonged. It also evokes the symbols of the current Autonomous Community of Castilla y León, to be finished off with three vine leaves, alluding to the wine vocation of this payment and to the three sons of the Rodríguez León family, who have carried out the restoration of the Heredad . This shield engraves the bottles of the winery, the barrels and, in general, its corporate identity.


Recovering History

Under the banner of “Heredad de Urueña”, the Rodríguez León family has developed a comprehensive restoration and recovery project for a Castilian farmhouse, with the advice of the architect and urban planner Iñigo Escribano. The estate’s origins date back to the end of the 17th century: with its farmhouse, stables, dovecote, winery and semi-buried cellar, with a brick vault and stone pillars, it was the central part of an extensive vineyard on the slopes of the historic town of Urueña, today the cultural center of the area. This property occupied part of the place called “Pago de las Viñas”, registered in the Marqués de la Ensenada Cadastre.

After the restoration of the buildings and the recovery of the cultivation of the vine, “Heredad de Urueña” currently occupies twenty-five hectares.

The vineyards are dedicated to the indigenous varieties of Tempranillo (clones of Tinta de Toro and Tinta del País recommended by the Institute of Agrarian Technology of the Junta de Castilla y León), which are completed to a lesser extent with Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet, from from French nurseries. In this way, the cultivation of the vine and the production of wines have been recovered in Urueña, of whose past here the numerous wineries that remain in the houses of the town and a street that still bears the name of “Los Lagares” are testimonies. .

In addition to this payment, the “Heredad de Urueña” group owns and manages “Moisés Gran Vino S.L.”, with pre-phylloxera centenary vineyards and its own winery, located in Morales de Toro.